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Hitachi EX120-5

000-000 HITACHI EX120-577
003-000 HITACHI EX120-538
002-000 HITACHI EX120-531
012-000 HITACHI EX120-582
013-000 HITACHI EX120-5
008-000 HITACHI EX120-560
009-000 HITACHI EX120-5
010-000 HITACHI EX120-529
007-000 HITACHI EX120-583
006-000 HITACHI EX120-511
005-000 HITACHI EX120-512
004-000 HITACHI EX120-562
011-000 HITACHI EX120-510



Year 2000

Isuzu engine

Undercarriage 80%

Piped for hammer

Quick Hitch

One Bucket

Made in Japa